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Pure Canine’s in-person Board and Train program is a world-class positive-training style boot camp program where dogs live with Chris over 1 month to transform their behaviour and improve their obedience. This online course gives you inside access to watch the immersive daily routines, training strategies, and lifestyle at home and in public to transform any dog through the Board and Train strategies.

  • Master obedience, build positive habits, improve safety, and improve your relationship with your dog fast!
  • Prevent reactivity and improve behaviour on walks in as little time as possible
  • Prevent nipping, biting, aggression, and destructive behaviour
  • Develop a skillset that can be used again and again to transform any dog

See Results Within 7 Days!

I’ve seen more progress in 1 week with Pure Canine’s training program than I did in 2 months on a different trainers program. Pure Canine’s training works!

Designed for All Dogs and Dog Owners

Our program is designed for all breeds and owners. Whether you’re a first-time dog owner looking to build a solid foundation, or a seasoned dog trainer looking to improve your training strategies, this course will help!

We provide you with videos showcasing daily techniques and training methods to improve your dog's behaviour, obedience, and focus. Outcomes we aim for include:

  • Obedience Mastery
  • Reactivity control
  • Aggression prevention
  • Focus and recall mastery
  • Public etiquette 
  • At home behaviour
  • Doorway safety mastery
  • Impulse Control
  • Positive habit building
  • Kennel-training mastery
  • Potty-training mastery
  • 100x relationship building
  • Diet, health, and genetics
  • Elite K9 handling
  • Bitework and toy training

We Get Results

Real Results from Our Students

Pulling & Lack of Focus to Full Control

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Pulling & Jump to Cool & Collected



Real Results from Our Students



Professional Inside Turns in 7 Days



Board and Train vs. Standard Coaching

We give you the blueprint to success with 100% POSITIVE (no-punishment) training methods.

These training sessions are raw and uncut so you can experience real training and learn how to operate in real-life scenarios!

With the Board and Train online course, you receive the foundations, advanced training, and step-by-step routines that walk you through every skill needed to transform your dog while also getting access to live demonstrations showcasing real day-to-day transformations! This program is for dogs of all breeds, ages, and personalities! These systems will work no matter your experience and lifestyle!

In addition to learning the skills and routines, you can see real-life examples of how to operate in real-life scenarios over the course of 28+ days.

The Board and Train program lets you follow the lives of 6 dogs through in-person board and train programs.

Featured Dogs Include:

  • Zues (28 Days of Training + 4 Follow-Up Lessons, $6K Value): Typically considered a dangerous breed, Chris transforms an untrained Presa Canario into a well-behaved and incredibly obedient family dog.
  • Walter(28 Days of Training, $7K Value): A shy puppy with no training transformed into an elite service dog! The skills are valuable for all dogs, not just service dogs. Focus on obedience, behaviour, and relationship building! Service dog value ranges from $30-$40k! 
  • Chica & Loca (14 Days of Training, $6K Value): Untrained sisters with a history of fighting and reactivity trained to prevent aggression and behave at home and in public!
  • Ellie (2+ Months of Training, $10K+ Value): An energetic puppy with no training transformed into a loyal and obedient protection dog. Ellie is Chris’ (Pure Canine’s) personal dog. Protection dogs of this level are valued at $30K+. Chris is adding additional videos of Ellie as she continue to live and train with him!
  • Biggie (14 Days of Training, $3K Value): A strong untrained puppy with a history of pulling, jumping, nipping, and biting trained to behave in any environment! In addition to Biggie's standard training, watch bonus content as he is trained as a family protection dog.

Student Success Stories

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  • Unlock access to over 300+ videos broken down into 6 different training journeys. This program offers training content worth over $32,000 in in-person training fees for just $197 (we’re NOT exaggerating)!

    See results in just 14 days or you don't pay! 

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Ellie Board and Train Series $10,000+ VALUE
Walter Board and Train Series $7,000 VALUE
Biggie Board and Train Series $3,000 VALUE
Zeus Board and Train Series $6,000 VALUE
Chica & Loca Board and Train Series $6,000 VALUE
BONUS: Toy Training Course $299 VALUE
BONUS: Prong Collar Course $299 VALUE
Today's Price $32,598+ VALUE
ONLY $197
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Pure Canine Course Bundle
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100% Money Back Guarantee

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  • Will this program work for my dog breed?

    The Board and Train Secrets training methods are designed to work with all breeds! The strategies set in this course build the foundations and set systems in place to work with all dogs, no matter the breed.

  • How does the Board and Train program differ from other training courses?

    Unlike other programs, the Board and Train program shows the day-to-day routines, following different dogs from ground zero to fully trained. This program isn’t demonstrating routines with pre-trained dogs, it shares the raw, unedited, and full journey of 6 different dogs in real-life scenarios at home and in public. This content style will fully equip you and your dog to navigate real life, transform your relationship, improve obedience, and create a more enjoyable lifestyle.

    This fully immersive style of training is designed as a blueprint that can be followed to implement positive change fast, using only positive training methods without punishment! This program is results-oriented and proven to work time and time again!

  • What’s included in this package?

    This package includes over 300 beginner to advanced Board and Train videos + two FREE bonus courses (Toy Training Course and Prong Collar Course). You can choose to follow along with any of the dogs featured or watch every dog’s Board and Train experience to get the most out of the program.

  • My dog has bad habits. Will this course work for us?

    Yes! This program is designed to help break bad habits and build new healthy habits that make your life and your puppy's life easier.

  • How do I access the course videos?

    Once you make your purchase, you'll receive an email with a login link to the program. Make sure to save this link. If you don't receive an email from us within 10 minutes of making your purchase, check your spam folder and send us an email at If you don't receive an email from us within 10 minutes of making your purchase, check your spam folder and send us an email at

  • Do you offer any support if I need help or have questions?

    Pure Canine's Puppy Course is a digital-first video course but Chris is always happy to answer questions. Send him a message on Instagram or by email at

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